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SimpleITK 0.9.0 has been released!

SimpleITK 0.9.0 has been released! Get it now! Here is a quick overview of the ITKv4's registration in SimpleITK via IPython/Jupiter notebook. l This release features the ImageRegistrationMethod which brings … Read More

SimpleITK 0.8.0 Released

Kitware is pleased to announce the release of SimpleITK 0.8.0. SimpleITK is a simplified layer built on top of ITK. By providing binaries for several wrapped languages, it facilitates ITK’s … Read More

Recent Releases: SimpleITK 0.6.1

Kitware and the Insight Development team have released SimpleITK version 0.6.1. The binaries for this release are available for download from Sourceforge and the SimpleITK website ( Notable improvements in … Read More