October 2013 Source: Recent Releases

VeloView 1.0 Released In September, Kitware and Velodyne LiDAR released VeloView 1.0, an open-source application designed for real-time, 3D visualization and analysis of point cloud data generated by Velodyne’s 3D … Read More

July 2012 – Kitware News

Kitware Hosts IEEE SciVis Contest DataKitware is hosting the IEEE SciVis Contest 2012 data on an installation of Midas, Kitware’s open-source toolkit that enables the rapid creation of tailored, web-enabled … Read More

April 2011: Recent Releases

ITK Modularization in ITK 4.0 One of the major undertakings of the upcoming ITK 4.0 release is the modularization of ITK. Modularization is the process by which the many classes … Read More