CDash Authenticated Submissions

Up until now, CDash has always accepted submissions without requiring authentication.   To support open-source collaborative development, we wanted to make it quick and easy for developers and users to … Read More

Dynamic BuildGroups in CDash

New in CDash is the concept of dynamic BuildGroups.  A dynamic BuildGroup will always show you its most recent results, no matter when they occurred.  Contrast this with our default (daily) … Read More

Google account login for CDash

CDash now allows users to login with their Google accounts.  Here's how to set this up for your installation of CDash.   First go here: and click  Enter your … Read More

Dendrograms, heatmaps, and more

We have been hard at work adding new information visualizations to VTK.  These classes were initially created to support phylogenetics researchers, but they were also developed within VTK’s framework of … Read More

3D Charts

We’ve been hard at work creating new 3D, interactive visualizations within VTK using the Charts API. The first visualization we created is an interactive 3D scatter plot.  This new class … Read More