CMake 3.5.0 available for download

I am proud to announce that CMake 3.5.0 is now available for download at:

Documentation is available at:

Release notes appear below and are also published at

Some of the more significant features of CMake 3.5 are:

  • The precompiled Windows binary provided on “” is now a
    “.msi” package instead of an installer executable.  One may need to
    manually uninstall CMake versions lower than 3.5 before installing
    the new package.
  • The “cmake-gui(1)” learned an option to set the toolset to be used
    with VS IDE and Xcode generators, much like the existing “-T” option
    to “cmake(1)”.
  • Find modules for Boost, FLEX, GTest, GTK2, PNG, TIFF, and XercesC
    now provide imported targets.
  • The “FindOpenMP” module learned to support Clang.
  • A new platform file for cross-compiling in the Cray Linux
    Environment to target compute nodes was added.  See Cross Compiling
    for the Cray Linux Environment for usage details.
  • The “Compile Features” functionality is now aware of features
    supported by Clang compilers on Windows (MinGW).
  • Support was added for the ARM Compiler ( with compiler id
  • When building for embedded Apple platforms like iOS CMake learned
    to build and install combined targets which contain both a device
    and a simulator build. This behavior can be enabled by setting the
    “IOS_INSTALL_COMBINED” target property.
  • The “CPackDMG” module learned new variable to specify AppleScript
    file run to customize appearance of “DragNDrop” installer folder,
    including background image setting using supplied PNG or multi-
    resolution TIFF file.  See the “CPACK_DMG_DS_STORE_SETUP_SCRIPT” and

Deprecated and Removed Features:

  • The “cmake(1)” “-E time” command now properly passes arguments
    with spaces or special characters through to the child process.
    This may break scripts that worked around the bug with their ownextra quoting or escaping.
  • The “Xcode” generator was fixed to escape backslashes in strings
    consistently with other generators. Projects that previously worked
    around the inconsistecy with an extra level of backslashes
    conditioned on the Xcode generator must be updated to remove the
    workaround for CMake 3.5 and greater.

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  1. Mohamed Elsharawy says:

    I can not find cmake 3.5, i only find cmake 3.20 and below, please guide

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