CMake Python Wheels

CMake, the cross-platform build system generator, is now easily installable in Python distributions! This makes creation of cross-platform C/C++ CPython extension modules accessible to many more developers.

To install the CMake Python distribution, run:

  python -m pip install --upgrade pip

  python -m pip install cmake

The official package manager for Python, pip, is available with both Python 2.7 and the recent Python 3. Of course, CMake can also be installed via installers from, package managers like apt, Homebrew, or Conda, and it is shipped with developer tools like Visual Studio. And, like the CMake Python Distribution, it is open source, so it can be built from source with any C++ compiler.


For more information on the CMake Python Distribution, documentation is available on Read The Docs.

For commercial support in building and packaging your C/C++ extension, please reach out to us at

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