CMake Tutorial Now on the Web

The online documentation for CMake has just been augmented with the posting of an except from Mastering CMake. The code for the tutorial found in chapter 12 has long been available as part of CMake’s source tree.  However, the complete text for the tutorial has now been made available to the CMake community. The tutorial can be found here, it covers basic CMake usage including testing and dashboard creation.

New users of CMake will most likely want to look at the following links first:

As always, I (and a bunch of other folks) will be watching the CMake mailing list, so if you get stuck, don’t be afraid to post questions on the list.

3 Responses to CMake Tutorial Now on the Web

  1. Petar Petrov says:

    Please, can I order any of the kitware books as ebooks?

  2. Donna Kochis says:

    Hello Petar Petrov.
    You can order any of our books from
    The Paraview Guide is the only title we currently offer as an eBook. Please email if you have any further questions.

  3. Petar Petrov says:

    Ahhh 🙁

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