ITK 4.12.1 has been released!

On behalf of the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) Community, we are happy to announce the release of ITK 4.12.1!

Download ITK

This is a patch release that fixes critical issues, regressions, documentation, and compiler support. Of the numerous issues addressed in this release, most notable are fixes to enable compilation of ITK on Linux platforms that use the musl C standard library (such as Alpine Linux). Other important fixes include computation of the oriented bounding box, computation of the Jacobian local vector, and support by the MetaIO library for files larger than 4 GB.

The next feature release, 4.13.0, is scheduled for mid-December.

Enjoy ITK!


Changes from v4.12.0 to v4.12.1:

3 Responses to ITK 4.12.1 has been released!

  1. perbankan says:

    Nice update tnks so much…

  2. Francois Budin says:

    Thanks. Since this post, ITK4.13 has been released:

  3. orb says:

    Kinda lucky to know it but thanks for the update, i have downloaded it well thanks for the update …

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