ITK Packages in Linux Distributions

Last week, Ubuntu Linux 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) was released. This long-term support distribution includes packages for the recently released ITK 4.9.0.

This post describes how to install ITK packages in Ubuntu and other excellent Linux distributions.



The Arch ITK package is maintained by Christopher R. Mullins. To install ITK on Arch Linux:



The Debian ITK package is maintained by Steve M. Robbins and Gert Wollny. To install ITK on Debian GNU/Linux:



The Fedora ITK package is maintained by Mario Ceresa. To install ITK on Fedora:



The Ubuntu ITK package is maintained by Gianfranco Costamagna and Gert Wollny. To install ITK on Ubuntu Linux:

5 Responses to ITK Packages in Linux Distributions

  1. Dženan Zukić says:

    Isn’t it enough to say that the same procedure hold for Debian and Ubuntu?

    • Matt McCormick says:

      The Ubuntu packages are based off the Debian packages, but sometimes they are not the same. Both Ubuntu and Debian also have different packages available for each distribution version. See the links next to each distribution for version coverage.

  2. Bradley Lowekamp says:

    The Ubuntu also has these packages for the armhf architecture. This means there are ITK binaries for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 available.

  3. weicheng shen says:

    When I attempted to install the ITK on my ubuntu 14.04 using the command “sudo apt-get install insighttoolkit4-python”, an error message showed up:
    E: Unable to locate package insighttoolkit4-python
    Would you share with us what might went wrong? How to fix it?

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