Open Chemistry and Google Summer of Code 2016

The Open Chemistry project team is very pleased and excited to be a part of this year’s Google Summer of Code program! We have a great set of ideas across a number of open source projects including Avogadro 2, cclib, 3Dmol.js, and Open Babel developed by our community. We have already been contacted by a number of interested students, but it is not too late to get in touch with us and talk about your ideas. Student applications will be accepted from March 14-25, and we encourage you to browse our ideas or come up with your own and talk to our mentors.

If you are a student, or know one, who is interested in getting involved in open source software development with real applications in chemistry, materials science, and related areas we would like to hear from you. As a new organization we will have a limited number of slots, and this is a fantastic program. You will work remotely, and your mentor(s) will be there to help you develop your code, and introduce you to open source software development.

We are looking forward to a great summer, and we will provide updates through the summer as projects are announced, and code is developed.

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