CDash 1.0 Released

CDash the open-source, web-based software testing server has had its first official release. CDash aggregates, analyzes and displays the results of software testing processes submitted from clients located around the … Read More

VTK 5.2 Released

VTK 5.2 is the first major release of VTK since 5.0 was released in January 2006. This release includes: The new Infovis kit for processing and visualizing “information”(non-geometric) data The … Read More

Kitware Welcomes New Employees

Kitware welcomes several new employees to the team. Julien Finet, arrived from France where he worked as a consultant to GE’s Advantage workstation group, specifically the cardiac analysis project. He … Read More

CMake 2.6.0 Released

CMake 2.6.0 was released on May 6, 2008. This is the first major release of CMake in 2 years.  It contains many bug fixes and new features.   A short list … Read More

CMake 2.4.8 Released

In January 2008, Kitware released CMake 2.4.8. This is expected to be the last CMake release in the 2.4.X branch. 2.4.8 has many bug fixes over 2.4.7. Some highlights are: … Read More

CDash Beta Released

Kitware is happy to announce the release of CDash Beta, a new tool in our Quality Software Process chain. CDash is a follow up effort to Dart1 and Dart2. It … Read More

Multi-block Support in ParaView

One of the major targets for ParaView 3.4 is to support composite datasets natively. As a starting point, Kitware has restructured the composite dataset hierarchy to make it more use-case … Read More

Custom Filters

Since the beginning, ParaView 3 has toyed with the idea of user-defined filter packages that could be built on the fly, include pipelines to other filters and be used simply … Read More

Titan Informatics Toolkit Update

The Titan Informatics Toolkit is an information visualization library which began in 2006 through a contract with Sandia National Labs. The toolkit is deployed as a number of new filters … Read More

Improved 2 and 3D Images

ParaView finally supports a mode in which 2D image data is no longer rendered as points, instead we upload the image as a texture and apply it to a quad. … Read More