ITK 3.0 Released

ITK 3.0 was released on November 21, 2006. The main change in this release is the addition of an alternative wrapping system called WrapITK. This system was contributed by Gaetan … Read More

CMake 2.4.2 Released

The latest release of CMake is the 2.4 release. The 2.4 release branch has many new features to support KDE(, which has chosen CMake as its build system. In addition … Read More

Technical Books Update

Three of Kitware’s technical books have been recently revised. The ITK Software Guide (ISBN 1-930934-15-7) has been updated for ITK version 2.4, and is 832 pages. The ParaView Guide (ISBN … Read More

KWWidgets Update

Although KWWidgets has been under development for quite some time, and some of the classes had been released as part of the ParaView distribution, the KWWidget project only recently became … Read More

Kitware Welcomes New Employee

Kitware welcomes several new employees to the team. Jeffrey Baumes, currently a PhD student at RPI who will graduate in August. Mr. Baumes’ expertise is in graph theory, and will … Read More

CMake 2.4 Released

CMake Release 2.4 available in May 2006. This release as the following new features: Visual Studio 2005 win64 support Improved install support Improved FIND_PROGRAM, FIND_LIBRARY, FIND_PATH, FIND_FILE Improved support for … Read More