ITK 2.6 Released

ITK 2.6 was released on March 1, 2006. ITK has adopted a Quarterly release model in order to more rapidly deliver new features to the community. This release schedule began … Read More

VTK 5.0 Released

VTK 5.0 was released in January 2006. This is a major release with significant changes from the previous version. Highlights include the following: • The execution pipeline was overhauled, as … Read More

ParaView 2.4 Released

ParaView 2.4 was released in November 2005. The latest patch to this release (2.4.4) was in June 2006. New features in ParaView 2.4 include: • Improved support for multi-block and … Read More

Kitware Welcomes New Employee

Kitware welcomes Rick Avila as Director of Medical Applications. Mr. Avila, was formerly at GE Research where he started and led the first Computer Aided Detection (CAD) program. In his … Read More