VolView 2.0 Released

Kitware is pleased to announce the release of VolView 2.0, a powerful volume visualization and analysis system that allows researchers to view and process data from a variety of imaging … Read More

CMake 1.8 Released

For this release, the custom commands have been rearchitected to use a more understandable signature. The old signature should still work. ctest has been enhanced and can produce testing dashboards … Read More

The CMake Build Manager

CMake is an open-source, cross-platform C/C++ build manager that supports platform inspection and user-customized builds. By William Hoffman and Ken Martin,  Dr. Dobb’s Journal Jan 01, 2003 URL:http://www.ddj.com/cpp/184405251 Many software … Read More

CMake 1.6 Released

This release includes a number of new features to help make project management easier. Version 1.6 includes TRY_COMPILE and TRY_RUN which can be used to test for features of the … Read More

Kitware announced ParaView 0.6

Kitware announced today the release of ParaView 0.6, the first public release of their scientific visualization application. ParaView was designed with the need to visualize large data sets in mind. … Read More