CFD Co-Processing Project

Co-processing is the term used for the processing of visualization information during the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation run. With most of the top parallel … Read More

Earth Kit Update

Earth Kit is an open-source geospatial visualization library created through a contract with Sandia National Labs. Earth Kit is part of the new VTK view/representation … Read More

Custom Filters

Since the beginning, ParaView 3 has toyed with the idea of user-defined filter packages that could be built on the fly, include pipelines to other … Read More

IGSTK 3.0 Released

IGSTK (The Image Guided Surgery Toolkit) developed in collaboration between the ISIS Center at Georgetown University and Kitware released its version 3.0 on February 15. … Read More

VTK Patch Release

The VTK 5.0.4 patch release was announced on January 22, 2008. Changes from 5.0.3 to 5.0.4 are listed below. We are planning to create the … Read More