VTKEdge Released

Kitware has enabled public read access to the VTKEdge source code repository. VTKEdge is still in the alpha stage right now, with continued development expected … Read More

ITK 3.8 Released

ITK 3.8 was released on July 30. The major changes in this release include: Introduction of the Diffeomorphic Demons deformable registration family of classes contributed … Read More

Kitware Welcomes New Employees

Kitware welcomes several new employees to the team. Chuck Atkins, R&D Engineer Chuck joined Kitware as an R&D Engineer for the Computer Vision team. Chuck’s … Read More

CMake 2.6.2 Released

CMake 2.6.2 was released on September 25, 2008. This release mainly addresses compatibility issues and bug fixes for the 2.6 branch of CMake. Combined with 2.6.1, … Read More

ParaView 3 Update

The LANL ParaView 3 contract is designed to provide support for ParaView and VTK and custom development to assist Jim Ahren’s visualization group at Los … Read More

New Open Source Project Sites

In late October Kitware will launch the new ParaView (paraview.org) and CDash (cdash.org) websites.  The new CMake (cmake.org) site went live at the beginning of … Read More