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ITK 3.18 Now Available

ITK 3.18 is now available for download. The main changes in this release include: Improvements in implementation of mathematical traits, particularly for fast rounding, contributed by … Read More

Kitware Launches Developer Blog

Kitware launched its first developer blog today which will be penned by Kitware’s Research and Development Team and Corporate Leadership. The blog was designed to … Read More

IGSTK 4.2 Released

IGSTK 4.2 was released on June 20, 2009; this release is now available for download from the IGSTK website. This release contains the following new … Read More

Kitware Excels on NIH Proposal

Neurosurgical navigation systems have reduced the risk of complications from surgery and have allowed surgeons to remove tumors that were once considered inoperable. However, many … Read More

IGSTK User Group Meeting

The first ever IGSTK User Group Meeting took place at the SPIE Medical Imaging conference in Orlando, Florida on February 7, 2009. Due to space … Read More

IGSTK 4.0 Released

The IGSTK development team released IGSTK 4.0 on February 7, 2009. This release includes: Refactored transform classes (affine transform, perspective transform) Support for ascension tracker … Read More