New CMake.org Website Published

Kitware is pleased to announce the rollout of the new cmake.org website. The new website design is intended to more easily provide dynamic and up-to-date content to the community, be … Read More

Midas 3.2.8 Released

The Midas team is pleased to announce the release of Midas 3.2.8. This release includes improved LDAP support, multi-factor authentication, and improved logging for auditing. In addition, there is now … Read More

Kitware Announces New Fall Courses

To better serve the open-source software community and our collaborators, Kitware is increasing the course offerings for this fall. In addition to the three courses already scheduled in our Lyon … Read More

Midas 3.2.6 Release Now Available

The Midas team is pleased to announce the Midas 3.2.6 release. This release features security and stability improvements and other upgrades to enhance the Midas user experience. The community descriptions … Read More