Tag: The Source Issue 20

January 2012 – Recent Releases

Introducing Visomics Kitware is pleased to announce Visomics, an exciting new open-source tool for the exploration of biological “omics” data with a focus on genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics. Visomics … Read More

Poisson Editing in ITK

Two very related problems in image processing are hole filling and compositing. This article explains an implementation of similar algorithms to solve both of these problems – poisson editing and … Read More

Histogram-based Thresholding

This contribution includes classes for threshold estimation using the following methods: Huang[1], Intermodes and Minimum[8], IsoData[9], Li[5, 6], MaxEntropy[2], KittlerIllingworth[3], Moments[11], Yen[12], RenyiEntropy[2], Shanbhag[10], and Triangle[13]. All classes are largely … Read More

January 2012 – Kitware News

Insight Journal reaches 500 Articles On November 30th, the Insight Journal received its 500th paper submission, marking a major milestone for open science. Congratulations to B. Moreau and A. Gouaillard … Read More

January 2012 – Kitware News II

VisWeek 2011For the tenth straight year, Kitware sponsored VisWeek, the premier forum for advances in scientific and information visualization. The team was very active at this conference, presenting papers, participating … Read More