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Recent Releases: IGSTK 5.2

On behalf of the Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK) team, Kitware has released IGSTK version 5.2. IGSTK is a component-based framework that provides a common functionality for image-guided surgery applications. Major … Read More

April 2013: Kitware News

National Cancer Informatics Program Open Development Initiative Kitware is collaborating with SAIC-Frederick, Inc. (SAIC-F) to migrate a collection of National Cancer Institute (NCI)-sponsored software projects to an open-source environment in … Read More

Recent Releases: ParaView 3.98.1

In February, the ParaView team released version 3.98.1, which focuses on polishing recent features introduced in ParaView 3.98.0, including math-text in annotation, and rendering translucent geometries. The issues with rendering … Read More

Recent Releases: SimpleITK 0.6.1

Kitware and the Insight Development team have released SimpleITK version 0.6.1. The binaries for this release are available for download from Sourceforge and the SimpleITK website (simpleitk.org). Notable improvements in … Read More