Ubuntu CMake Repository Now Available

I am pleased to announce that Kitware is now offering an officially-supported set of Ubuntu packages for CMake. These CMake packages can be installed with apt-get, just like other Ubuntu packages. We currently support Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04.

The following packages are available:

  • cmake – Contains the CMake command line executable, CTest, and CPack.
  • cmake-curses-gui – Contains ccmake.
  • cmake-qt-gui – Contains cmake-gui.
  • cmake-doc – Contains the CMake documentation.

To use these packages, follow the instructions at https://apt.kitware.com/ to add our APT repository to your Ubuntu installation, and then use apt-get install to install one or all of the above packages.

We currently offer CMake 3.14.1, and will continue to update the repository as new CMake releases are issued.

15 Responses to Ubuntu CMake Repository Now Available

  1. nightsparc says:


    First of all – thanks for providing an official apt repository!
    Unfortunately, your cmake build conflicts with curl in Ubuntu 18.04. The provided builds are linked against libcurl3, which removes curl (depending on libcurl4) and vice versa.

    I’m pretty sure (tested it a few secs ago…) that cmake could also be linked against libcurl4…so, maybe you could change your builds to use libcurl4 instead of libcurl3?


    • Kyle Edwards says:

      Hello nightsparc,

      Someone else also reported this issue on the CMake users mailing list. In response, I rebuilt the package for 18.04 and verified it to be linked against libcurl4. It should be available as of last night, and the version should be 3.14.1-0kitware1ubuntu18.04.1.

  2. Carlos Estrague Pons says:

    Any plans add armhf and arm64 for these repository? I’m using ubuntu 18.04

    • Kyle Edwards says:

      We do not currently have concrete plans to support ARM architectures, but I won’t say “never”. If there is popular demand then we might do it 🙂

      • Cyberium says:

        Oh just realized that sadly. Already spend an hour figuring why it doesnt pick latest version in arm build in travis.
        It would be nice to have ARM arch supported now that easy to add your secured source in travis ci so its same build step for all ubuntu arch.

  3. unkx80 says:

    Could you make this very useful APT repository more widely known, perhaps by linking it from the CMake downloads page?

  4. Someone says:

    Can it be done for the Windows Subsystem for Linux Ubuntu?

  5. We currently offer CMake 3.14.1, and will continue to update the repository as new CMake releases are issued.

    When you update the repository with new versions, will you keep having the old versions available? It seems that 3.14 is already gone, and only 3.15 and 3.16 are available.

    • Kyle Edwards says:

      We were initially only hosting the latest release at any given time, but starting with 3.15, we have been keeping all of the releases since then available for people who want to keep a stable version instead of using the latest one. So, 3.15 will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

  6. Karthik says:

    Are you adding support for Ubuntu 20.04?

  7. Null Void says:

    Are you adding support for debian (stable, oldstable and etc)?

  8. agg says:

    https://apt.kitware.com/ubuntu seems to be inaccessible – any idea what is going on?

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