Using Notepad++ for your git commit messages

How can I use Notepad++ to edit my git commit messages?

With spaces and parentheses and plus signs, oh my. With all that in the path to notepad++.exe, how are you supposed to get git to call it properly? With just the right combination of single and double quotes, of course:

Thanks, Google and Stack Overflow!

Although… the simplest answer on Stack Overflow, with the most votes, is not the official answer listed at the top. You have to scroll down to see it.

2 Responses to Using Notepad++ for your git commit messages

  1. David Cole says:

    Actually, after using this for a week, I’ve concluded that it’s better without the “-notabbar” argument… If you use “-notabbar”, then the next time you open up Notepad++ after making a git commit, the tabbar is gone, and you have to go show it in the Preferences dialog. I don’t mind having the tab bar there while I’m editing a commit message.

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