CMake 3.17.0 available for download

I am happy to announce that CMake 3.17.0 is now available for download at:

Documentation is available at:

Release notes appear below and are also published at

Some of the more significant changes in CMake 3.17 are:

  • “cmake(1)” gained a “Ninja Multi-Config” generator, which is similar to the “Ninja” generator but can be used to build multiple configurations at once.
  • Visual Studio Generators learned to support per-config sources. Previously only Command-Line Build Tool Generators supported them.
  • The “Compile Features” functionality now offers meta-features for the CUDA language standard levels (e.g. “cuda_std_03”, “cuda_std_14”). See “CMAKE_CUDA_KNOWN_FEATURES”.
  • The “CMAKE_CUDA_RUNTIME_LIBRARY” variable and “CUDA_RUNTIME_LIBRARY” target property were introduced to select the CUDA runtime library used when linking targets that use CUDA.
  • The “FindCUDAToolkit” module was added to find the CUDA Toolkit without enabling CUDA as a language.
  • “cmake(1)” gained a “–debug-find” command-line option to enable additional human-readable output on where find commands search.
  • The “CMAKE_FIND_DEBUG_MODE” variable was introduced to print extra find call information during the cmake run to standard error. Output is designed for human consumption and not for parsing.
  • The “FindCURL” module learned to find CURL using the “CURLConfig.cmake” package configuration file generated by CURL’s cmake buildsystem. It also gained a new “CURL_NO_CURL_CMAKE” option to disable this behavior.
  • The “FindPython” module has learned to find Python components in active virtual environments managed by “conda”.
  • The “ctest(1)” tool gained a “–no-tests=<[error|ignore]>” option to explicitly set and unify the behavior between direct invocation and script mode if no tests were found.
  • The “ctest(1)” tool gained a “–repeat :” option to specify conditions in which to repeat tests. This generalizes the existing “–repeat-until-fail ” option to add modes for “until-pass” and “after-timeout”.
  • Target link properties “INTERFACE_LINK_OPTIONS”, “INTERFACE_LINK_DIRECTORIES” and “INTERFACE_LINK_DEPENDS” are now transitive over private dependencies on static libraries. See policy “CMP0099”.
  • When using MinGW tools, the “find_library()” command no longer finds “.dll” files by default. Instead it expects “.dll.a” import libraries to be available.
  • The “Ninja” generator now prefers the first ninja build tool to appear in the “PATH” no matter whether it is called “ninja-build”, “ninja”, or “samu”. Previously the first of those names to appear anywhere in the “PATH” would be preferred.
  • “cmake(1)” gained a “-E rm” command-line tool that can be used to remove directories and files. This supersedes the existing “-E remove” and “-E remove_directory” tools and has better semantics.

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  1. The iOS bug still happening and don’t compile for correct arch. Already reported here and don’t have solution from Kitware (a friend post a solution there).

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