CMake 3.5.1 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.5.1 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:

Thanks for your support!

Changes in 3.5.1 since 3.5.0:

Ben Boeckel (1):
  FindPkgConfig: set correctly named variables in cache (#15903)

Brad King (4):
  cmake-gui: Populate CFBundleIdentifier in our Info.plist file (#16023)
  CPack: Avoid using OS X CoreServices if compiler fails on header (#16021)
  FindCUDA: Fix regression in separate compilation (#16027)
  CMake 3.5.1

Roger Leigh (1):
  FindBoost: Tolerate missing indirect dependencies (#16013)

Ruslan Baratov (1):
  Fix iOS combined feature for single architecture targets

Sean McBride (1):
  CPack: Avoid requiring Carbon framework on OS X (#16021)

Yves Frederix (1):
  Avoid occasional use-after-free when a variable watch is executed

2 Responses to CMake 3.5.1 available for download

  1. I tried to download the Windows MSI for CMake 3.5.1 but was warned by Chrome that it contained malware. I’d like to download the software but I am wary about ignoring the Chrome warning. Please advise.

  2. Robert Maynard says:

    The downloads being flagged as being harmful programs on Chrome and Firefox, are false positive reports. We have verified that the SHA-256 of the downloads match the GPG key signed versions. We are working with google and mozilla to get this issue resolved.

    Edit: The false positive flagging has been resolved.

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