CMake 3.7.0 available for download

I am proud to announce that CMake 3.7.0 is now available for download at:

Documentation is available at:

Release notes appear below and are also published at

Some of the more significant changes in CMake 3.7 are:

  • CMake now supports Cross Compiling for Android with simple toolchain files.
  • The “Ninja” generator learned to conditionally support Fortran when using a “ninja” tool that has the necessary features. See generator documentation for details.
  • The “if()” command gained new boolean comparison operations “LESS_EQUAL”, “GREATER_EQUAL”, “STRLESS_EQUAL”, “STRGREATER_EQUAL”, “VERSION_LESS_EQUAL”, and “VERSION_GREATER_EQUAL”.
  • The “try_compile()” command source file signature now honors configuration-specific flags (e.g. “CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS_DEBUG”) in the generated test project. Previously only the default such flags for the current toolchain were used. See policy “CMP0066”.
  • “Toolchain files” may now set “CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS_INIT”, “CMAKE_SHARED_LINKER_FLAGS_INIT”, and “CMAKE_MODULE_LINKER_FLAGS_INIT” variables to initialize the “CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS”, “CMAKE_SHARED_LINKER_FLAGS”, and “CMAKE_MODULE_LINKER_FLAGS” cache entries the first time a language is enabled in a build tree.
  • CTest now supports test fixtures through the new “FIXTURES_SETUP”, “FIXTURES_CLEANUP” and “FIXTURES_REQUIRED” test properties. When using regular expressions or “–rerun-failed” to limit the tests to be run, a fixture’s setup and cleanup tests will automatically be added to the execution set if any test requires that fixture.
  • We no longer provide Linux i386 binaries for download from “” for new versions of CMake.
  • Vim support files “cmake-indent.vim”, “cmake-syntax.vim”, and “cmake-help.vim” have been removed in favor of the files now provided from the vim-cmake-syntax project.
  • Support for building CMake itself with some compilers was dropped:
    • Visual Studio 7.1 and 2005 — superseded by VS 2008 and above
    • mingw32 — superseded by MSYS2 mingw32 and mingw64

    CMake still supports generating build systems for other projects using these compilers.

Questions or comments are always welcome!