GeoJS now available on npm and bower

We have been hard at work over the last several months making improvements to GeoJS.  A big part of this push has been to stabilize the public API to a point that we can begin to tag versioned releases.  From the current release of 0.4.1 we will follow the rules of semantic versioning as we develop new features and fix old bugs.  With this release we have also pushed geojs to npm and bower as well as hosting on cdnjs for all of your deployment needs.

As part of the effort to improve the usability of GeoJS API, we have started generating quick examples of newly developed features. The examples hosted on jsbin can be embedded into blogs (like this one!) and linked from documentation and pull requests to provide users a live playground to experiment with the features as they are developed.  Below are just a few of the demos we have produced in our initial run.  As always, please feel free to report bugs on our issue list, ask a question on our mailing list, or say hi on our public gitter channel.

Adding zoom controls

JS Bin


Customizing the tile server

JS Bin


Drawing points with the jquery plugin

JS Bin


Creating legends

JS Bin


3 Responses to GeoJS now available on npm and bower

  1. Cory Quammen says:

    Super cool!

  2. Utkarsh Ayachit says:

    That’s awesome!

  3. Stephen Aylward says:

    We should do the same thing for anatomic “maps.” Very cool!

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