ITK 4.10.1 available for download

On behalf of the Insight Toolkit Community, we are happy to announce that ITK 4.10.1 is available for download.

Release files can be downloaded from:

This is a patch release that fixes critical issues, regressions, documentation, and compiler support. Of the numerous issues addressed in this release, most notable is a fix to the ITK Python wrapping lazy loading. This improves load times for many Python scripts by an order of magnitude! Other important fixes include Python builds with GCC 6.2, which defaults to C++14, TBB 4.4/VTK 7 compatibility, and CUDA / C++11 compatibility.

The next feature release, 4.11.0, is scheduled for mid-December.

Enjoy ITK!

Changes from v4.10.0 to v4.10.1:

Questions or comments are always welcome!