Open-Source Cancer Research

“Open-Source Cancer Research”

by Jay Bradner


In a fascinating TED Talk, Jay Bradner walks us through some
of the opportunities that an “Open Source” mindset can bring
to the difficult challenges of medical research.


The first reaction of Bradner’s lab,
when they made a discovery:  

                             Mail it to Colleagues !

Publish an Open paper, and share the compounds with about
40 labs around the world. 


“..We seek to download from the amazing successes
of computing science industry two principles that are

  • Open Source 
  • Crowd-Sourcing

to quickly, responsibly accelerate the delivery of targeted
therapeutics for patients with cancer.”

An inspiring story on the Open Source future of Medical Research,
and the rediscovery of Ethical behavior in Scientific Research.


One Response to Open-Source Cancer Research

  1. Aashish Chaudhary says:

    While looking for more information, I found this blog post:

    and I should mention, she quoted this

    “May the information no longer be a secret! Open source FOREVER!!! Thank you, Jay!!!!!!”

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