Refreshing/Reloading files in ParaView

Since we started using uservoice to collect requests for new features to add to ParaView, one of the top (if not the top) entry had been the request for a reload button. Simple enough request, but a clean solution had been a little challenging to come by since file readers in VTK (and ParaView) don’t uniformly support the ability to reload files.

Recent changes merged in ParaView Git repository, slated to be included in the next ParaView release, version 5.2, finally add support for this feature. A new option, Reload Files, is now available under the Edit menu (or the context menu in the Pipeline Browser). This option is enabled when a reader is active.

Reload Files in Edit menu.

On clicking this menu item, for readers that support temporal file series, you will be prompted with a dialog to select whether you want ParaView to look for new files in the file series, or reload the current loaded file itself.

Prompt to select how to refresh the reader.

Not to be left behind, the Python API has also been extended to support reloading. You can use the  ReloadFiles  or  ExtendFilesSeries  functions newly added to the paraview.simple module.

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